Hi, I’m Tejasvi.

I'm a senior year undergrad at IIT Guwahati, India with experience in building scalable, reliable, and performant software ranging from data intensive ML pipelines to responsive web apps. I am interested in designing and implementing impactful solutions, and looking forward to learning new tools and technologies along the way.

As an explorer by nature, I begin by asking, "What's new?" As someone who relies on being resourceful, I actively seek out situations where there is no clear path, and the challenge is to find a way to keep moving forward. For me, experimentation and risk-taking are crucial aspects of maximizing potential. I am most productive when I seek opportunities that push me beyond my current comfort zone.

When I'm not working or learning, you can catch me swimming, curating Spotify playlists, and discussing philosophy with the strangers. My current obsessions include Secret Hitler and Memex.